Printable Calendar Excel Template

ExcelCal is a completely automated printable calendar template to create calendars in Excel.
Printing a calendar is as easy as pressing a button.
Add your own Holidays, Events and Milestones to generate neatly formatted printable calendars for 2019 and beyond. 
Microsoft Excel is instantly familiar, so you’ll be able to churn out calendars in minutes.

Printable Calendar

Create Beautiful Calendars in ExcelCal

Create Calendars in Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 on Windows and Excel 2016 on macOS


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ExcelCal Excel Ribbon

Excel Calendar Ribbon Menu

Customized Excel Ribbon Menu to add holidays and generate calendars with the colors of your choice.

Add Holidays & Set Weekends

Calendar Holidays Weekends

Ability to add and import Holidays in seconds. You can pretty much add anything including Events & Milestones.
Holidays and weekends will show up in the Calendar with the color of your choice.

Resource Calendar

Resource Calendar

Oh, and did we forget to mention that you can add as many resources as you want and create customized calendars for each one of them.
You can set holidays and workdays for each resource in your organization.

Customize Your Calendar - Bring out the Picasso in you

Customize Calendar

Select from 5 themes or create your own custom theme based on the colors you choose.

Print or Export Calendar

You can instantly Print your calendar or Export to PDF or Export to XLSX to share with your colleagues, friends and family.

Export to PDF

create calendar pdf

Print Calendar

print calendar

Export to XLSX

Create Calendars in Microsoft Excel